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Network Recycle Bin Tool

Server Edition

March 03, 2024version

This version has been designed for the server usage. You should install it on the server to monitor shared folders. When network user will delete a shared file it will copy it to the "network recycle bin". You have not install any additional software on client machines.

Personal Client Machine Edition

March 03, 2024version


When you delete a file stored on a network location or mapped network drive that the file is permanently deleted. It does not go to the local computer's recycle bin and does not go to the server's recycle bin.
How to enable a recycle bin for shared folders on a network ? There is the proper solution of restoring and securing your information even after deleting it - The Network Recycle Bin Tool allows you to recover deleted files.
Once you have this tool in your system, it will automatically keep a track of all the network deleted files and you can easily recover them. Instead of removing the files, this tool sends them directly to its predefined recycle bin folder.
There are various options to tune it up. For example: you can set size limits for files stored in the Network Recycle Bin, you can define the list of network drives or network folders to track deleted files.
Additionaly it offers you the Protect Files tool which prevents deletion of network files for specified folders according the file mask. Export and import functions help you to install software with same options on network machines. The password control disallows unauthorized access.
In the long run, losing your important network files and information accidentally is not an issue these days. Instead of getting anxious and worried, feel free to download network recycle bin tool from any reliable source and make sure that you have pre-installed this recovery tool.


Main features

  • allows you to recover deleted files
  • moves deleted files from network drives to the recycle bin folder
  • you can restore a deleted file as it was at the time of deletion
  • you can define the list of network drives and\or network folders
  • you can specify the max file size and max recycle bin folder size
  • the Protect Folders prevents deletion of network files
  • you can define the file mask
  • export and import functions
  • password access control

Note: You should use either the Server Edition on the server side either the Client Edition on client machines. Usual the client application is used for personal needs only. If you have got an ability to set up server software the best way is to install the server application and manage all file deletion actions for shared folders.


The scheme of the Server Edition usage

The scheme of the Server Network Recycle Bin usage

The scheme of the Client Edition usage

The scheme of the Network Recycle Bin usage
network recycle bin tool